Our Approach

At BactiGro we believe that nature is a lot more complicated — and a lot more capable — than agricultural science has given it credit for.  Many farmers know, either intuitively or through long experience, that nature won’t be easily manipulated, and that our attempts to bend her to our will ultimately fail.

Farmers across Australia will tell you that as each year goes by, they pour more and more money and chemicals — whether fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or any of the host of other “solutions” — into their soil. And all just to maintain their yield.

At the same time, more and more land becomes unusable. Salinity spreads, yields drop, pests and weeds seem to be stronger each year. There has to be a better way.

At Bactigro we have the tools you need to harness nature to help.

Our first product was Bactivate™. It’s still our flagship product. Bactivate came out of the leading agricultural research labs in China, and China leads the world in biological agriculture.

A simple product: natural soil bacteria on a natural carbon substrate. These bacteria are nature’s silent workers, doing exactly as nature intended: solubilizing nutrients, stabilizing the soil aggregate, and encouraging plant growth. They free the plant, whether it’s wheat, potato, wysteria or a plum tree, to grow as it would in normal soil, to be healthy, strong and productive.

It’s not magic — it’s just nature.

The Bactivate™ range continues to expand as we bring in the best that the huge Chinese agricultural sector has to offer. In addition, we’re adding out own local products to the range — the perfect complement to the Bactivate™ range.

We don’t sell directly.  Rather we have a network of capable, professional distributors we work with: organisations ranging from local specialists to larger companies with national and international reach.  Some specialise in particular sectors — as varied as turf, dairy, market gardening, and broadacre farming. Some work with retail. All are professionals.

Which leaves us free to do what we do best: to source the best products from around the world for you.