The BactiGro Australia vision is to source the best possible products from around the world and to bring them to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The product range started with the flagship product Bactivate, straight from the leading Chinese agricultural research labs, and the Bactivate range continues to expand. Some of the newest products in the BactiGro range are sourced right here in Australia.

The range and variety of products from BactiGro Australia will continue to grow: limited only by our ability to source the best of the best for the Australian and New Zealand market.


The first of the BactiGro products, Bactivate is still the flagship product of the range.  With five natural soil bacteria on a carbon-rich substrate, Bactivate is the simple, practical and effective way of restoring the bacteria that the soil needs.
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Bactivate Plus

Bactivate Plus consists of three natural soil bacteria on a humate base.  Bactivate Plus is a more economical alternative for the situation where soil health is being maintained.  Completely natural, it assists in providing nutrient and trace elements to plants.
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A fresh seaweed extract combined with other mineral and food sources for improved natural plant growth, yield and pest tolerance. Bactivate Seaweed Solution stimulates natural plant growth and health, increases flowering and aids fruit setting. It can also help improve natural plant tolerance to heat, drought, frost and pests.
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Bactivate BioBoost+ can help improve plant health and growth naturally by stimulating beneficial soil micro-organisms. It stimulates activity of soil bacteria and fungi, improves soil structure and moisture retention and assists in the breaking down of organic matter.
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