Bactivate BioBoost+

Bactivate BioBoost+ can help improve plant health and growth naturally by stimulating beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Bactivate BioBoost+ is not a generic plant food or agricultural chemical. Bactivate BioBoost+ can:

The application method and rate will depend on the crop and soil, which need to be inspected prior to a recommendation being made. A protocol for the application of Bactivate BioBoost+ will often involve other aspects, such as a disinfection regime and the use of other products in the Bactivate family in conjunction with Bactivate BioBoost+. Contact your Bactivate distributor for a protocol for your specific needs.

BactiGro products are compatible with many farm chemicals, but we cannot guarantee this to be so. When tank mixing any BactiGro products with other farm chemicals, always read and follow the label directions of the chemical(s) you are considering. BactiGro suggests administering a jar and/or strip test before adding BioBoost+ to your tank mix. When mixing with other farm chemicals, we suggest you tank mix BioBoost+ only after diluting the chemical according to label directions. Please contact your BactiGro authorised distributor with any questions.

BioBoost+ is made in Australia and is available in a 10L bottle or 1,000L IBC.